Welcome to my life! For those of you I don’t yet know, I’m a busy single mother of quite a few kids 🙂 A year ago I had one, and now I almost have 4 ranging from, not yet born to almost 16. During my week I play mother, chef, cleaner, student, business entreprenuer, health activist and friend. These are the things you will read about in my blog.

Over the years my roles haven’t changed. They have developed, just as I have.

My mission in life was to prove that I could do anything I put my mind to. I was determined to succeed, sometimes to the detriment of my purpose. During my journey I met many obstacles and challenges and I learnt; no matter the situation, the theory is always the same. Healthy mind is derived from physical health and nutrition, spiritual and emotional wellness and positive influence.

I have struggled with limiting beliefs, an eating disorder, destructive relationships, I’ve lost everything I owned, experienced domestic violence and lived in my car. I’ve experienced the damaging effects drug use has on families (through my work and home life), I’ve had no money, been to the depths of depression, failed in business, struggled with my responcibility to my child and cried.

I have loved fiercely, experienced the shear joy you get from children, I have travelled, had adventures, built businesses and competed in a range of sports as an elite athlete. I have risked it all and succeeded, I have made friends, modelled, I have learnt instruments and languages, studied many subjects, earnt various acolades and laughed so much my eyes are permanently wrinkled.

To understand who I am you may need to know who I was, although nothing here defines me.  Who I am largely depends on who I choose to be. We all have a choice.

And this is where it all begins.

As you engage in my story, I hope that you get something out of it for yourself. Some take-away truths or snippets you can implement into your own life. While you’re here please do reciprocate. I would never pretend I know everything or have a one method system. Share with me what works for you.


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