Don’t DRINK and TONE

I’ve really taken some time lately to freak out. I have been super unmotivated to do anything for months.. I’m talking life progression here. I mean I get all the day to day stuff done that preoccupied and distracts me from thinking about the future.


I spend time worrying about my allergies and immune system rather than taking action and VITAMIN C to strengthen it. Tonight I just did Centergy in my lounge once the kids were all settled in bed.. I did happen to have a small wine on the end of my mat but I haven’t exercised in MONTHS so we needed to celebrate. On a side note… NEVER drink and tone… It is terrible in the reflux area and totally defeats all purpose; to get healthy and strengthen immunity.

I am super looking forward to my walk tomorrow with a friend and my kids tied to me, after we visit the Doctor’s for my babies 6 week check up. ANXIETY right here. I’m faced with the controversal to vax or not to vax… This calls for a wine… Just kidding. I’m sure I can deal with the anxiety by holding my breath until I decide. I have been researching for days on the vaccinations, so you would think I can make an informed decision right? Well you underestimate MUM LIFE>> every time I sit down to read I have a baby scream, tend to them, do the washing, get some food prepared, remember I was researching, answer the phone, read a book, vacuum, mop the floor, remember I was researching, go to the loo, ohhh fill up the toilet paper, may as well clean the bathroom, realise I am not progressing in life as I’m too busy refilling toilet rolls, OHHH the research! How did I forget? Oh my Spotify turned off again because someone rang.. What was I doing again? That’s right.. I put my baby down… somewhere.. And he still doesn’t have a name so I can’t call him!

Amalia is on a special diet at the moment for Candida. Basically because I’m a plant doctor I diagnosed her bloated stomach  and Marmite (I was thinking marmite has a yeast in it) smelling morning wee’s as Gut Disbiosis. The real doctor didn’t even know what that was so now I’m beginning to think my life calling is getting a doctorate. The doctor actually confirmed her thrush as a mild 1 colony gathering. I have now learnt thrush armies can visit in multitudes of colonies, thank you Doctor.. She gave me a topical cream, but this isn’t going to solve the problem. So cutting wheat, dairy and sugar I hope is going to do the trick. After 2 days there was a significant reduction in the bloating and slight increase in the food bill… GAH>>> The things we do for good gut bacteria.


My brother became a human fart gun. He was told he couldn’t eat NERF GUN bullets… So he ate 3. He ended up in hospital on laxatives and after passing 2 my sister asked if he could stick them to the bottom of the toilet bowl. Apparently if he didn’t pass the third he could end up in surgery as it was blocking his poo shoot and he would end up talking crap if it didn’t unblock.. I haven’t heard from him in a while so I better follow this up.

In other news I am now narrating my whole life to the kids. I tell the baby what I’m about to do to him ie: “GOO now I’m going to put your arm in the sleeve hole and here comes a nipple train, open wide”. I talk to Amalia like; “Wow, you are doing good pouring water all over my leg, but next time shall we try aim for the funnel?” Or “Do you want to eat the peas off the floor or vacuum them?” Or “Well done, your hugging your baby brother, Now don’t squash him please”. And now that Tayla has just turned SWEET SIXTEEN, passed her drivers licence and had a week of celebrations, we are doing night time driving lessons. “As we drive up to the pedestrian crossing we check for people, look both ways, slow down now, start indicating now, check your mirror, check your blind spots, turn right, look down that road”. It’s actually insane the expectations on learner drivers and makes me realise all my bad habits like, driving with my knee, or placing my left foot on the console when I drive. I’m such a bad influence and it’s really hard to drive legitimately.

Anyway, I have discovered I am a life coach guru. It’s been a whole day of changes in my life. I am now a professional life remodeller ( I actually have completed an introduction to LIFE COACHING – which I found useless) to add to my plant doctor repertoire, business entrepreneur/enthusiast/wannabe and being a mother.

Maybe the full moon that has just been has shifted something in my life that has got me thinking about my future and taking the necessary steps to make changes and re-evaluate what I need to achieve my goals. Has anyone else felt a recent shift in perspective?

I’d love to hear all about it!

Here’s a 3 kid pile up for your perusal, 2 kids climbing a rock wall at Western Springs on Easter and one giant selfie from Ashton.


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