Call me Doctor Leaf a lot

I guess doing my Horticulture qualification has made me feel like I can diagnose my own ailments. I mean, I may not be an actual Doctor but I’ve learnt how to solve problems with research. Really a Doctor is someone who has studied for years, knows how the body works and what viruses and bacteria do to make us sick.


This is the new baby, nothing to do with the topic. 

It’s quite similar really to a paper I did on Plant Life Cycles, Pests and Pathogens. I passed, except I’m not certain what made the hole in my Feijoa leaf. But plants/people, pests/pathogens… Same same. You could say I’m a studying first year plant Doctor… The biology and mechanics are really very similar. So anyway, I had a sore finger and found out it is Dyshidrotic Eczema. Don’t ask me to pronounce that. It only lasts a wee while and can be brought on by stress or funnily enough, seasonal allergies, of which I sometimes get from PLANTS. Personally I’m not sure how just one of my fingers could be stressed out but I’m sure it will soon pass and my finger will return to normal.

I had another ailment too which kept me up at night worrying. This one I was too scared to google it as I didn’t want to find I had google cancer. So I took photos and sent them to a friend to google for me. I told her not to tell me if it was something bad, just if it was a good thing. She said I had nothing to worry about. I asked her how long she has been studying plants. You can’t just go off the advice of any old person deciphering google. The stuff on the internet is not always TRUE>>>>


Another thing, I have enhanced pigmentation around my lips from pregnancy still, it kind of looks like a permanent brown lip liner, which can come in handy to accentuate my pout I guess. I’m not sure what the line from my belly button to pubic bone is supposed to be accentuating but that’s still there too. My core is getting stronger again and my back has started to relax a little. The annoying thing is, when you have a small baby, overnight your other old baby seems to get frigging heavy all of a sudden. I’ve been ordered to do pelvic floor exercises but no sit ups. So the only heavy lifting I do is lifting my kids and try not to sneeze, if you do you just hope for the best…


Aside from this the week has been much the same. Amalia has had fever, Farty Mc Fart Pants is growing into that name. We ran out of clothes one day we were out and had an incident. We went for a walk and bike ride through the graveyard and Amalia tried to take a loose nameplate home. Ashton drove a kart down a hill and into the bush, did some target practice with his rifle in the backyard and Tayla came home from work saying the baby has grown heaps and turned ginger.


Not impressed to be wearing his 1yr old sisters pink top after an incident.

We don’t have a bath at home, which post incident I was told I should have used the baby bath. However the other night I put the kids down and went to relax in the shower with bath salts and oils in a bowl of water while eating an ice block. I did hear a pop type noise when I tried to sit in the bowl, and it seemed the plastic bowl would collapse under my weight, so I squat sat and ate my ice block while the bowl suctioned around me. It wasn’t the most comfortable shower/bath. And it wasn’t until after my shower I realised the bowl had cracked and most of the water was gone, so that was a fail. Don’t try that at home. Probably a good thing though, as I’m sure no one would really want to use the bowl again after I sat in it.


Amalia is trasitioning to a big girls bed this week. Night one took an hour. If I knew that at the time  I wouldn’t have bothered yet but thats the thing with follow through.. You have to do it or else your no longer the boss. So we both shared the bed and every few minutes I would move closer towards the door until I stood at the door. There were tears and pointing at the cot from her , words of encouragement and guilt from me. I let her choose the next day, mostly because it was convenient for my meetings and time effiecient, but tonight she went in her bed and the ordeal only took 10minutes. Until she was woken and we were in and out of bed and the bedroom again and again. After a discussion I ended up closing the door to her room when she got out of bed, she cried, must have got back into bed and went to sleep! I couldn’t believe it..


Here she is charging herself with the computer cable. 

My midwife came today and baby has put on 500g this week, if you have no idea what that means like me, it’s alot…She asked how I was feeling. I said yesterday I was having weird thoughts. She said “Like what?” I said the baby was looking at me funny… She said to get some more sleep, laughed and asked if there was anything else I wanted to ask her? I said “Is it weird if I take the kids for a walk in the graveyard?” She said “Yes, why”. “Well it’s just across the road and I can walk the baby and Millie can ride.” She told me not to stand on the gravestones. I didn’t tell her last time Mille tried to bring one home.


Have a fantastic week everyone xxx


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