The birth of BOY

The day started like any other. Itching to get the baby out, contemplating my options and wondering why I was now 2 days overdue. My midwife had told me this baby would be small, smallest of my biological children and not to try entice it to meet the world.

I had eaten curries galore, bounced on the tramp, tried reflexology and prayed. Myles had come down from North waiting to be there for the labour and as soon as he got down contractions started. They were painless regular hicks increasing in intensity mid afternoon, until I got stressed out and they stopped. Later we decided to go for dinner and a movie. Contractions started slow during dinner and stopped again for the movie. Until Myles’ phone rang, scared the crap out of me and brought on the one and only contraction during the movie.

After it finished I refused to go home. Myles sat in a bus stop while I walked tirelessly up and down the main street in Takapuna, half on and off the kerb trying to drop it out. This was the night and I refused to go home. I walked around a tree-da-bout so many times I got dizzy, so decided to change direction (and scenery). We walked blocks in Takapuna into the night and as my phone started to die, I text my midwife saying the contractions were becoming regular and frequent, my phone was going to die and I was going to go run the stairs at Les Mills. To which she replied; “Shannon GO HOME. It’s probably false labour. Get some rest and charge your phone. Don’t contact me again unless it’s serious, I’m tired.”

I was so disappointed. I was super upset. I could not go one more day pregnant I was going crazy. And that was it. Contractions stopped. I was so sure… It was exactly like how my last labour started but again it stopped. How could this “false labour” they speak of try trick me like this when I was sooooooooo hopeful.

I went home and cried. I made Myles promise to come get me immediately if anything happened and crawled into bed to be sad and wish the baby out. I was exhausted from pregnancy and sore. About an hour later, I had an intense contraction, it was super painful but I was to scared to text my midwife in case it was false labour tricking me. I messaged Myles and asked if he was awake, saying I think I’m in labour but let me be sure as I don’t want to annoy anyone. 1 minute later I text a lot of obscenities asking him to get me immediately I need the hospital.

Turns out I couldn’t wait and luckily my sister drove me there. I was backwards in the car seat screaming my head off and every time we went round a corner I wanted to punch her for erratic driving. We rang Myles on the way to tell him to meet us at the hospital, but all that came out on our 8 minute drive was “AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, you talk Lauren!”

At the hospital, Lauren opened the car door for me to get out and said she’d get me a wheel chair, at which point she turned around, slamming me in the car door mid contraction. I mean if that wasn’t enough pain. She was trying not to laugh as I screamed even louder, alerting the ambulance people. They looked nice, like they weren’t trying to kill me. The wheelchair came at me, but I just couldn’t get in. I looked at it front on, I put my head on the seat and crawling on the ground pushed it with my face screaming, “I think my waters just broke!”, all the while trying to keep my shoes dry.

The ambulance staff found a bed and were trying to help me get there, while I was screaming, “I’m not going in without Myles!” and Lauren was saying; “Don’t be stupid, your baby is going to be born in the gutter.” I was still crawling outside the hospital as Myles turned up and helped my into bed where all hell broke loose and I attached my face to the top of the bed with my teeth screaming, “It’s coming!!”.

Thankfully my midwife was already at the hospital and was ready to deliver. I think the baby came less than an hour after getting into the room. It was a surprise gender reveal and most surprisingly, the size, being 8.8lbs. Biggest by far of all my babies. How the heck that was inside me and managed to get out I have no idea, but he didn’t even fit half the clothes I brought to hospital for him/her.

Aside from the sheer pain of such an intense and fast labour, I was SUPER excited that I finally had my body back and although my aches and pains were replaced with new excruciating and interesting ones, I was certainly glad to have a break from the old ones and be holding this new little soul on the outside.


I, like usual, have no idea what to call him and probably won’t decide in a hurry as we get to know the little guy. Although this may not be the first time I have had a child, it most definitely is different and challenging in so many ways.

Helmets off to all those mumma’s juggling work, home making, cooking, nurturing relationships and commitments to people, outings, study and whatever your day entails, all whilst slinging one kid on the hip and another on the boob.

Unless your kids are like 10 and 11 now as that may be a bit awkward, but still hard all the same!



Stage 5 clingers…

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