Vadazzle my plug hole

It’s been a funny week with anticipation for the arrival of baby, opportunities strangely presenting and things going wrong.

Eventually, after living in the fly plague, we found the only thing that sufficed was a fly swat and bribing my kids with the prospect of dinner if they squished a certain amount of flies. This was the only thing that brought the numbers down and managed them.

So we are all on top of that WHEN ants happened. Our house has a lot of bush outside and I know we have many nests. Good old ant bait used to do the trick but they are invading us from all angles. I am not sure what it is about the boxes in my house, there’s no food in my bedroom, yet the ants keep coming. I have to vacuum a path through them in the morning and today I had to clean my pantry 3 times! First time in 3 days they even went for food!?? Now if that’s not frustrating enough.


Mmmm, I’m an ant and I love boxes 

I vacuum and mop every day, however after getting my vacuum fixed the other week (apparently now the hose is broken) it’s in for repairs again, so I am borrowing my sisters. Thank goodness. But don’t breathe yet.. Things come in 3’s right? So tonight the front loader washing machine starts leaking. There’s nothing caught in the seal so I STUPIDLY try another load.. The SMELLY cloth nappy load which yes, starts leaking across the floor unbeknownst to me for a while… Second mopped floor of the day…

With 3 days left until baby, you would be forgiven for thinking the last broken thing would be my waters? But no… No matter how much spicy food eating and tramp bouncing I do… The baby refuses to budge, but my 1 year old wakes up and I find her amber teething necklace hanging broken from her neck. PLEASE, PLEASE may the replacement turn up fast as a new baby and a teething grumpy baby is not going to be a good combo I’m sure.


Millie has just started creche finally and everyone is surprised at how independant she is and doesn’t care if I’m there or not. She made me a Valentines cookie which I dared not eat after watching her make it. Ashton and Tayla also got me sweet chocolate and diffuser gifts each. Super lucky to have such amazing kids 🙂

My Costochondritus has become so sore, I thought, as we do, it certainly has to be worse than inflammation, so naturally I googled my concerns and found a hypochondriac thread and realised that the cancer I thought it must be fit perfectly with others thoughts and in fact it probably was just a painful case of what I was diagnosed with in the first place as was discussed in the chat. Anyhow this lead me to showering due to pain and applying hot water to my ribs while sitting on the shower floor. I realised I had zoned out and was super relaxed, but all I had been doing was thinking about my problems and concerns. The last one being… Is vadazzling a real thing and if so, what do you use to stick diamonte’s on your hoohaa?? I later researched this and it became the talk of my sister’s birthday, but back to the shower.


I thought, while I’m down here I may as well clean the plug hole.. Which led to this mostly innocent facebook status, which in turn led to the biggest laugh I’ve had in a while. At least now with the bathroom ceiling, toothbrush holder and plug being clean, I feel I can readily give birth without worrying about the state of the bathroom…

Last minute preparations included making some better toy storage for the lounge so it doesn’t look such a mess, except that every day the baby wants to play and messes up my tidy now… I have been approached to shoot with some great photographers (the day before my due date!), thankfully they wanted head/shoulder shots and were happy to go ahead even though I’m smuggling a basketball and will potentially flood their studio.. Murphy’s Law… It’s a thing..


I’m also sleeping a heck of a lot better since seeing a Kinesiologist. You know those people who tap certain areas on your body and push your limbs up and down to test your meridians are working? I didn’t either until I experienced it for myself, and surprisingly, the assessment, although I pretty much did nothing, was exhausting! You could feel the energy at work. Just what I needed right before this baby comes, fixing my sleep patterns and also easing up on my back pain. I still have the nerve pain and can’t walk well at times, plus the inflammation but I’m sure they are a bi-product of this baby and will evacuate my body with the labour.

So 3 days left and I’m contemplating what else I can get rid of, clean, fix or sell. How will I go about fixing the washing machine, what to do with the ant situation, when can I pick up my beloved vacuum and who will want to look after my 1 year old until her necklace arrives?

I think in saying all that, the most important question really is, are there any bedazzlers in the next 3 days with a spare appointment.

I really think it would be nice to open your eyes for the first time and think you live in a disco ball….



Because we always drive and eye mask… 

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