Lost without my legs

My sister asked if she could help.. I said; “Yes please, see that spider there… Please get it”. I passed her some blu-tack and now I have a spider blu-tacked to my ceiling.

I am sorry to all those people who don’t kill spiders, and YES Dave, I just read your article about white tails not being poisonous, just the bacteria from our skin causes infection… BUT I have white tails breeding in my ceiling and have been vacuuming them up as they lay hundreds of suckers that must come out through our HRV maybe, anyway with my little toddler and impending baby I just can’t take the risk. I find them everywhere. They have to go.

Now I’m not one for spiders, when I was Drug Screening and testing houses on site I would suit up, mask on and find a suitable meth spider fighting stick to battle, should I come into contact in a ceiling cavity or under a house.


Meth spider fighting outfit – PPE

After careful consideration, I thought best not to fumigate the ceiling cavity as I’m not sure I could even fit through the manhole, but was assured if I sent an aerosol can flying like a grenade from the manhole, down the cavity to the other end it would be ok, even if it said to stand it up… So I turned off the HRV and let the can fly. I probably should have taken a torch as I have no idea how far it travelled or where it landed. I set another right my the manhole and we evacuated the premise to a surprise “Not Baby Shower but small celebration for baby due”.

I don’t know how my friends kept that a surprise from me for so long but it was lovely to have a small celebration over my first virgin mojito!! Totally appropriate given the circumstances I thought. I particularly loved the fact one of my gifts was secured with a dental floss bow and all the concern for certain parts of my body returning to normal asap. It’s great to have such caring friends. On a serious note though, the week has been great with so much care and pampering and I’m feeling so much better than last week.

Now, I don’t know about your place, but although I try to vacuum and mop every day, due to hard floors and baby mess, I still have flies in the house. Since taking a course in Organic Permaculture I have learnt so much about the environment and sustainability. I simply cannot bring myself to use fly spray on these beasts as it harms the environment, kills the bees, flies are pretty much immune to it these days and it’s toxic for my kids.

Last year I invested in those disgusting fly paper hanging gross things and ew were they full. This year it seems the flies are not only immune to spray but have developed a conscious in which they have learnt to avoid the sticky brown thing. SOOOO I researched natural fly deterrents. First I tried halving lemons and stick them each with 20 cloves 🙂 I totally thought it worked the first day, but no, my lemons just started rotting in the heat and my flies lived on.

Yesterday I brought some lavender essential oil, I mixed it with tea tree essential oil and some water. Putting it and some hope in a spray bottle I sprayed that stuff all over the house multiple times as I heard this even worked for the flies in California that are resilient suckers.. And at first I thought I got this down! But no.. Even when I put it in containers around the home they still land near it.. So if anyone knows how to solve this predicament please let me know.. Didn’t even consider the fact that my fly spray cost nearly $20 to make! Crazy…. But my house does smell good I guess and the kids can continue to lick the walls.

On the baby dropping update, I sooooo cannot wait to get this labour on the go. It’s not only embarrassing being out and about when the baby presses on my lower nerves, because I cannot control being able to stand and suddenly look like I am inspecting something on the floor, but it can hurt sooo bad. I like to opt to stay at home these days as it is easier to manage when I’m close to a couch or bed and nobody can judge me or think I’m in labour when I’m crawling.

I was lucky enough this time round to have an easy early pregnancy, skipping the morning sickness but seem to have traded it in for weird ailments in the 3rd trimester like; burning ribs (Costochondritis – inflammation), I thought I was going deaf (inflammation of eustachian tube in ear), and being soccer punched in the pubis or pressure applied to sacrum causing my legs to go numb or give way. The physio said to stop cleaning so much, obviously she doesn’t have flies at home. I have also found the less I do the more pain I have so I’m pleased to have cleaned out my toothbrush holder and have mopped the bathroom ceiling now.

I am “due” in 14 days. I am hoping it comes early and next time I write I hope I can feel both my legs and can advise whether I’ve had a boy or a girl.

Please let me know if you have any natural remedies for flies as I swear I’m about to start throwing shoes at them or will end up too scared to remove any stray blu-tack from around the place 😦


On the left: Clothes for getting rid of. In the air: Legs I cannot feel at times. Also this is likely how I sleep at nights. Mirror is now clean. 



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