Don’t punch your dentist

Firstly, I would never punch my dentist in the face. I’m really sorry about that.

Now that the antibiotics have kicked in and the pain is manageable for my horrendous toothache, I can reflect.

PAIN… Whether physical or emotional makes me and many other people grumpy and essentially NOT NICE. Those that live in chronic pain, I really feel for you. Those that aren’t even aware of the emotional pain or stress you are under, I’ve been there too and you won’t even realise the effect it has on your life, because this has become your “normal”.

I still have no idea what is wrong with my tooth and have been told it’s the following by different medical professionals; my bottom back tooth needs removing, my top back tooth needs removing, I need a root canal, I have a sinus problem, there is an abscess, pregnancy hormones and lack of oxygen to my tooth is causing pain. In short, I left it as the antibiotics have finally dulled the pain so obviously some type of infection and hopefully buy myself some time over the expensive Christmas period.

It may seem a coincidence that in the last 4 days of suffering I have; received a letter for fines that have been sent to an address 4 houses ago with tax added even though I had given my new address at the time, the same day I received a letter from Baycorp who are now handling a  debt I had from 18 yrs old, the same day I received a letter from IRD in regards to my companies tax (I don’t normally get bills that I don’t know about or aren’t managed). I also had that major incident with my son if you recall him wanting to live at his Dad’s. I was unsuccessful with selling anything on TradeMe. Things were going wrong left, right and centre. I felt crap. I couldn’t get organised. I couldn’t concentrate on work. I failed my monthly goals I set.

Today I started to feel better. The pain was no longer the important player in my life. I went for a walk again. I managed to get my sons Christmas presents for $100 less than expected. I got a major discount on an upgrade for my daughters Christmas present due to an error in advertising and delivery dates and the product being unavailable after some gentle negotiations. I got some grades back for Horticulture and passed. Strawberries were 3 for $5 on the roadside instead of 2 and we had an amazing asparagus salad for dinner. YUM!

Tomorrow I’m ready to start a 12 day programme for visionaries and abundance in my life and I am so ready to step it up a notch! A friend of mine, Viola Hug-Taylor is running this incredible prgramme through facebook if you feel like this is the right place for you to be right now, it’s not to late. Look it up: Abundant babes – a home for the visionary.

It just goes to show the energy that you emit, whether good or bad, will attract more of the same. You may not even be aware of the frequency you vibrate on, or the energy you share. Heck, even when you are aware you can’t always change it so easily. But try focus on the good stuff, it’s easier when the sun is out, you start seeing the good in things all around you.

Reconnect with people. Tonight I talked to a friend on the phone for over an hour! I never do that and man was it good. She nearly gave me a heart attack when she screamed, dropping the phone; “A big… black… aargghhh… it jumped out… I ran inside…” She lives so far away, I don’t know if I need to call the police or what!! Thank goodness it was just a bug, but uh uh no thank you anyway. Talking to her again, I realised just how kind, caring, considerate, loving and supportive she is.

I watched an old man walk his old dog and I thought about how lovely it is that they walk together and all the good times they must have shared. There is love and beauty all around us when you look.

Every day I laugh with my daughter as I try and see the world through her cute little eyes. Everything she does is adorable. Even the annoying things.

I’m so lucky, I’m so lucky everyday that I don’t have to be in pain. Pain is just a reminder of how good we truely have it when we can be present to focus on anything but… Thank you toothachey ache, thanks for reminding me how good I have it when your not hanging around!

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