A pain in the…

I woke in a panic to a text saying my 11 yr old had been checked onto a plane. I could hardly sleep anyway due to excruciating tooth pain that came on yesterday afternoon. I was at the Santa parade concert with my 1 yr old and thought I was imagining it as it seemed to come and go. I was worried though as I had my wisdom tooth out 10 days ago.

I left the parade due to pain and on the walk to the car was fine. Driving was SOOO bad!! I felt like my whole face was on fire and the referring pain was so dominating I didn’t know where was actually sore. So I ignored my petrol on empty light and went straight home.

I took an old antibiotic and panadol as it’s all you can have when pregnant and suffered until I couldn’t anymore. I gargled salt water, clove liquid, bonjela but still nothing. I was so desperate I called Healthline. And I don’t call Healthline anymore due to chewing gum being stuck somewhere it shouldn’t have been and my fear of them reading back over my history. BUT it was SOOO bad I had to. THAT girl needed advice again.

They said don’t be stupid, stop taking antibiotics and pain was not a good enough reason to be seen by the doctor. So I tried to sleep sitting up as the pain was not as bad. This leads me to waking in the morning in a panic with this text saying my son was on a plane back to me. After the dramas yesterday I was up like a bolt and in the car to be early. Then I remembered the petrol. It’s ok.. I had time.. Even to park at the far away Countdown and walk to the airport to avoid parking money. 24008486_10214185610497144_1182657532_n.jpg

What I didn’t expect was CHURCH TRAFFIC… It has never been so bad!! This was stand still! Lucky I left with plenty of time… On the Harbour Bridge and honestly, does the universe know I’m blogging and trying to make life interesting? RAIN… Well I wasn’t prepared for that.. But I did get a text from a friend saying they recognised my child and were on the same flight and he was fine 🙂 haha I think she read my blog…

I got to the arrivals area at the airport right on the dot and told Ash I had been there for ages! haha I mean I didn’t check the coming home time as I totally just assumed it would be this afternoon. Luck was on my side today… Until I couldn’t take the tooth pain anymore. I called my dentist who was away and she said go to the A&E.

They refused to do x-rays, as again, pregnant, and tapped on my teeth saying my extraction hole looked fine, I probably need a root canal on another tooth, but they aren’t sure. Prescribed me some antibiotics (the same ones I started taking and stopped) and some more panadol (because the only thing I can take is Codeine or Panadol) and they love that panadol does nothing to help because I may get addicted to Codeine. OMG>>> I wanted to punch him in the face and tell him he can’t have anything  for the pain because I’m worried about his addictions.

What I seriously can’t understand is how is it better for a prego woman to be in pain and obviously stressed than it is to take something that is apparently safe for pregnancy? But anyway.. This got me thinking earlier in the day. When you have nothing, but need something, but can’t get what you need… This is where you become resourceful. Which also got me thinking about a book I read years ago.

The person in the book needed to make a million dollars in a month to get her children back. When something is important to you, you overcome anything and everything to get what you need. So I started pain management via my thought processes, like telling myself “The pain is not real, it is just a reaction in my body to advise that I need to give this problem some attention”. I think it helped a bit…

Until my tired and grumpy 11 yr old decides he wants to move to his Dad’s and starts giving me attitude all day. Then I feel like my 1 yr old is feeling my pain and starts screaming so the pain I feel on the inside is now all around me too. I’m beginning to wonder if I can sell my 11 yr old to his Dad to pay for a root canal… I’m trying to tell my son what he will be missing out on and giving up if he moves to another island but he doesn’t care which makes my head hurt more.

I call his Dad who backs me up and wants him to stay at his school he got a scholarship for and says he will probably have him more often instead. So I decide to punish my son more by giving him falafel and asparagus (not good for the baby who now has asapragus wee nappies and loves sitting on my face to wake me in the morning) for dinner so he can really appreciate what it’s like to live here. haha Sucker (looking impressed, juice only here for BLACKBOX photo credit).


On the way home from dropping my son at school I turn up crying to my friends house because the pain is soooo bad. Here I am advised to rub crushed up panadol on my gum to help. By now the pain had faded anyway and I realise; no amount of pain is worth the taste of panadol in or around the oral area. After my 1 yr old chases the cat trying to kiss it’s bum, ate my friend out of “cackers” and threw up on her floor it was off home to write in my gratitude journal.

Thank goodness my pain goes away when I move because my house is relatively clean. Thank goodness my tired, grumpy kid has gone back to school and I don’t have to deal with the attitude while I’m debilitated. Lucky I saved $40 I didn’t have in parking at the airport on consecutive days. And thank goodness I don’t have to come up with $1mil to keep my kids, because I had to borrow the dentist visit payment from my one year old today…. Thanks Baby!


2 Comments on “A pain in the…

  1. Love you. You amazing beautiful person. Wish we were closer to help. Xxxx Hang in there you are doing a great job. Mummy is the hardest and best job ever. Hope you get to the dentist for relief today xxx


    • Thanks Wendy 🙂 I’m still riding out the pain train but hopefully tomorrow I will have a more noticable difference with the antibiotics kicking in 🙂 I don’t feel like punching anyone today which is good. Just realised how grumpy and angry pain makes me!! Looking forward to seeing you soon 🙂


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