Just can’t get it right…

Aside from the fact I tried to drop my 11 year old son off at the airport 2 weeks early, I have never had a good experience travelling on my own or trying to get someone else to.

Usually the way it goes; my name is being called over the loud speaker, I’m sprinting up stairs and down isles, lungs burning, under 50 tons of carry on, crying from the pain and air hostesses telling me “It’s ok, relax, slow down” while I’m panting.. “Can’t, flight, leaving”……

I know what I’m like. Today was going to be DIFFERENT! I rang Ashton’s dad and confirmed; a) the dates b) the time he had to be at the airport prior to departure. I made Ashton pack and checked his gear. I had my ID in the baby bag, we had just enough petrol to get there and I checked with my sister where to park (because $20 parking is not ok for a single Mumma on a budget coming up to Christmas). I had the pram, I had the baby, we were packed and good to go.

Now, I have trouble with directions and also my phone battery at the moment. SO smart idea was to map the route, take a pic on Ash’s iPad and save my battery to show the ticket at the airport. Well melt down 1 with Ashton began as he couldn’t get a clear pic. I’m stressing out as I take the wrong route (I know it’s the airport and it’s signed… but it’s me… I just have to have directions to my own home or I’ll end up doing a Shannon).

We eventually get to the Countdown carpark and are supposed to be at the airport by this time. I grab the pram, chuck in the baby, the bottle, his bag, my phone and we are sprinting with Ashton carrying his pillow towards the airport unseen somewhere in the background. CLOSE?? You have got to be kidding me! Nothing is close when you are late, with kids and luggage. So if you saw me, 6 months pregnant in shorts, and my brood running down the road, I’m sure you knew the situation anyway.


We get to the airport and I realise I left my blimmen ID a 10 minute run away in the car. OMG>>> Luckily I have enough battery to find a spare internet copy I keep on my email (Super smart).. Still in the game. OH YEAH!! Then my baby pukes all over me. I get Ashton to the bag checks and the sign (fan of signs) says.. Only passengers past this point. Well no way I was planning on going anyway, so we bid farewell and I ask if he knows where to go. Nope, but he’ll figure it out.


I know I have to wait for a text to say he is on the plane before leaving, so I find a toilet as running that far with a baby on your bladder is not ideal and Millie my 1 year old screams as she sets of the hurricane hand dryer in the disabled toilet cubicle.

A get a call from my 15yr old daughter who is working in high heels for the first time tonight for about 5 hours.. Poor thing, we all know what that feels like and she’s finished all her work and has bruised feet. But that’s ok because her legs sparkle. When I asked why she told me it’s nautral and asked me if you can take sleeping pills standing up *pissing myself.


Then I get a call from random number. Turns out the airport now have me on speed dial and they have found my kid who I am supposed to be accomaning until his flight leaves. WELL THE SIGN BLOODY SAID NO….

So I’m trying to get through bag searching and they tell me to take my baby out the pram. I sit my phone in a bucket for scanning and the baby in her own bucket but they tell me I can walk through with her. SCORE! Pukey baby goes back in the pram and the nice man points out the elevator and says go up one floor. I think all I translated from that was “one”. So I get in and press one. I’m almost hyperventalating when time passes and the doors don’t open. I press one a few more times, the doors open and I realise I have literally travelled NOWHERE. Dam you technology. I get back in, press two and hay! I figured out how to use an elevator πŸ™‚ Whoop.. Now we know why I cannot travel ALONE.

Running down the isle to Ashtons gate I’m high fiving my distressed child saying “Well done, you actually did it on your own, I’m impressed!” and trying to explain to the man they need better signs or instructions if they don’t want children getting lost or being abandoned by their unknowing parents.

A few hours later, I’m home, my daughters home and barefoot, and the little one is in bed. Ashton is safely in Christchurch although his jumper didn’t seem to make it out the car… and we are good to roll another day!

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