You win some you lose some

So sometimes you just have one of THOSE days. It starts out great! Then somewhere along the way your baby craps her nappy on the motorway and you have no choice but to breath in death fumes on your way to do the grocery shopping.

When you get there and sort the baby, she has already been in the pram all day and doesn’t want to sit in a trolley. Luckily she is an escape artist and knows how to turn and jump the buckle. She can’t stand in the trolley as she is trying to eat the raw chicken and when holding her she wants to practice her somersaults and slip tricks. After carefully navigating the first few isles I decide cereal for dinner looks enticing and I go home with a couple of apples and some wet wipes. I WILL BE BACK TOMORROW… You haven’t seen the last of me.. I’m going to tie her to me just to be safe.

I got home to make the baby dinner and dropped the last egg on the ground. TradeMe won’t let me upload a photo, telling me it’s too large when I have changed the size a million times. There are crumbs on my couch and the house is a pig sty because… baby.


Earlier this week I watched my son at athletics day and he entered me in the 4x 100m relay. 26 weeks pregnant but fit as a fiddle I thought this will be great! I can’t remember how many people told me “don’t fall over!” and before I even started running I was eating the grass… (Please don’t worry! I would never have done anything to hurt the baby and we were fine, apart from my knees… plus the stunt training I had came in handy. I’m a pro at dying and falling…).


Thankfully this happened right before my first audition in years. My role: Pregnant woman in bikini on beach, because they really, totally wanted a clutz with scratched up knees…

I had my wisdom tooth out the day my daughter turned one. Her first birthday cake was super successful!! Tayla and I totally enjoyed making and decorating it without the dirty minds all our guests had…


It’s not all bad though! Some really positive things are happening in my life right now 🙂 Tomorrow night I finally get to see the love of my life Stevie Nicks… Even though today I had forgotten all about it and had to be reminded… I’m SO dressing up like her… I googled “Pregnant Stevie Nicks Costumes” and it came up with a pregnant woman with her belly hanging out drinking a beer with a moustache… I have no idea what that has to do with Stevie but Google is ALWAYS RIGHT so we roll with it. Plus I already have a moustache so we are halfway there already.

The landlord is sending someone to fix the power outage in my daughter’s room potentially caused by dangerous hair curlers. She got a shock and can no longer stay in her room to charge her phone so it’s a negative positive situation. I love seeing her more and am super grateful she wasn’t hurt in the name of beauty. They are also fixing the leak in the kitchen ceiling for the 3rd time and will hopefully fix the front door that tends to not shut and opens randomly. Also a 50/50 situation. Sometimes it’s nice to come home to an open door, and it’s always good when no one else has visited while it’s been open.

While the little bugs that I never see, but die in the steam stuck on the bathroom ceiling seem to be dwindling in numbers… the flies seem to be increasing slowly from a random 1 to 2!! My one year old was petrified of them so I have had to teach her to growl them like a lion… Now I can be prepared when flies are around as it sounds like we are on a safari..

And although Christmas is super stressful, I feel like there is hope this year. All my focus being on ways to make money to give the kids some presents has been coming to fruition. It’s incredible the opportunities that have come from business, friends, and potential life changing acting careers for preggo’s (fingers crossed)… Black boxes keep turning up on my door step… My Dad fixed my stairs so I’m not concerned about dying when I use them anymore. I have a bag of seeds to plant that will be like a lucky dip because they are all mixed up. LIFE IS GOOD…

Keep the good times rolling and just keep rolling with the SOMETIMES DUMB TIMES… They get better too. Promise.

AND if anyone knows where my cellotape has gone I will be forever grateful. Gone is an hour spent looking for that stuff…

Goodnight my world.

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