Anxious to achieve

I’ve written 3 unpublished blogs in the last few days. All of them are about anxiety in one form or another, however they will stay unposted because of one reason. They all carry with them a vibe that is not useful to anyone. Although it’s good to be able to speak about these things, it’s also good to be aware of how ones feelings affect others.

After 3 failed attempts to successfully convey what I wanted to address, I realised the best thing to do was actually leave my feelings on the paper and go to bed with a pen andΒ  fresh piece of paper. I wrote down a list of EVERYTHING I could possibly think of that I had to be grateful for, did some visualisations and loaded a SATTVA meditation (APP on Samsung Playstore) for gratefulness that I fell asleep to.

I think one of the most important things to realise with any type of negative emotion is managing them so you don’t have a negative effect on others. We all have those friends or associates that leave us feeling depressed, down, sad or anxious. Commonly known as energy vampires I believe. Or if you are an empathatic person it is surprisingly easy to take on those emotions without even meaning too. One thing I learnt a few years ago was how to protect yourself every day from taking on those feelings. It allows you to be around people and care but without becoming drained and tired. Whether you believe in angels or God or whoever you want to talk to the exercise will work the same.

Every morning I would repeat (and get my son to also): “Dear Angels/God, Wrap your angels wings/arms around me and protect me with your white Christ light (here for my son I would add {help me to learn today at school}), Thank you.” This was told to me by Carissa, my trusted healer. You imagine being engulfed by wings, or love and light.

I recognised for myself that my source of anxiety came from the unknown, or ultimately fear. At the moment I am taking steps outside my comfort zone and anxiety is a common emotion designed to caution me as I try new things. It also comes up in triggers from things like my past relationship or unbeneficial thoughts. It’s uncomfortable but I KNOW it will pass. Of course there are anxieties around all types of issues and at different strengths or conditions and I’m not trying to discredit that. There are many approaches to diffuse or manage anxieties and many will work for some and not others. Having a good approach to healthy diet is going to definately help with mentality and maintaining a positive mindset. Another approach that seems to help me is to get outside. Go for a walk. You will read about this in my first newsletter. Feel free to drop me your email address if you want to subscribe to it πŸ™‚

Now usually I’m not a quitter. Almost an addict. Especially if you tell me not to do something… But I have an experience which brought on my anxieties something chronic which I feel was telling me that:

a) I can say NO

b) Things don’t always get easier the more you do it if it is something you DO NOT ENJOY

c) It’s ok to try something and give it up if it doesn’t make you HAPPY

I used to have a talk show on the radio. Health and Wellness with Shannon. People told me, the more shows I did and spoke on the radio, the more prepared and the more practice I put in; the better I would be and I would probably grow to enjoy it. Every week when my show rolled around I would be super prepared, I knew my topics, I knew my audience. I was ready 15 minutes early pacing with my phone ready to go with a full battery. And every week I shat myself, I delivered my show eliquently and slowly with some humour and information. On the end of the phone my face was beet red, my palms were sweaty and I was wearing holes in the carpet with my pacing. It NEVER got any easier. I did not like it one bit and eventually I gave it up, feeling like a failure BUT boy was I relived.

It’s important to get to the bottom of your anxiety and ask why you are feeling that way. Is there anything you want to or can change to relieve that stress? If you can’t make a change then how are you going to manage it moving forwards.

At the end of the day anxities stop us functioning at our full capabilities, and the amount of people that suffer on a daily basis is unreal. Take a moment to assess whats actually going on for you. It takes courage to be real with yourself.

And when you got it all figured out.. Move onto the next issue.. Like the bloody lawn patch that belongs to council but is your responsibilty to mow.. I think we need a goat actually.. BUT I’ll get to that issue next week. If you want to see the state in the meantime, check out our new YOUTUBE CHANNEL; Girl’s of Glenfield.


And please leave me a comment and let me know what you do to decrease or manage anxieties. I love hearing from you!!

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