Some serious good advice

I’m all over the place with business, study, kids etc they all just fit where I have the RIGHT time. So these blogs will probably replicate that.

Some days are definately a struggle with worries and anxieties around mostly finances. I know that the more I worry, the more I attract what I’m worried about. It’s a vicious circle of terror! Thankfully between trying to find different types of weeds for my Horticulture and wiping poo, I have had some time for NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)… Which has ACTUALLY been a God send (literally listen and pay attention to things that “just” happen to pop up in life that seem good).. By the way I brought a Groupon Coupon for Intro to NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching for about $22 with a saving of $300ish.. Damn courses get you interested and then stop at the good part so you want to keep going and pay more… On a side note there is also a Open 2 Study free online course which gives you introductions to so many different topics and you can see what actually intrests you before committing to buy.. Some crazy things in there and!! You learn alot!! And in your own time.. Whenever you choose… Thanks guys I’ll rep your education…

Anyway, getting side tracked. What I thought would be great to share today.. Is…

YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND TAKES EVERYTHING PERSONALLY. You know the old saying “Don’t point the finger as you’ll have 3 pointing back at you?” or “Never speak bad of others because someone will throw cake at your face.” I think it’s more just don’t speak bad of others BUT!! Your subconscious cannot distinguish between YOU and SOMEONE ELSE.. So everything you say about anyone actually affects you! I just feel like I should never say anything at this stage due to the karmatic kick backs that could be in store for the things I don’t know about life. That’s so scary! I know I have thought and said mean things to people or about people and therefore about myself.

SOOO PUBLICALLY APOLOGISING to everyone for saying not nice stuff because I don’t want you or me to suffer the reprocussions of that…

Here is a quick story as told by my NLP talking computer programme, re-told by my fast fingers to really run it home.

You see an amazing house, lots of land, beautiful property and the doors open to a smartly dressed 20 year old couple. You think: they either live at home with mummy and daddy, won the lotto or are drug dealers.

You are affirming to YOURSELF that having a nice home like this is only possible via those options!!

Next thing you’ll be bloody attracting GANSTERS and wondering why they are on your doorstep!!!

SO the other quick thing I wanted to make you aware of (and I already knew this but is good to re-affirm), YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS DOES NOT PROCESS NEGATIVES. This is well known. We always do affirmations in the positive tense and try this! DO NOT THINK OF ME IN MY UNDIES>>> Boo ya… What are you looking at in your mind? You dirty πŸ™‚

When you ask someone; “What do you want in life?” They’ll be quick to tell you what they don’t want.. “Well I don’t want to be overweight, I don’t want to smoke, I don’t want to do washing and cleaning all day.” What do you think you are going to get more of?Β  AND KEEP GETTING. So PLEASE everything, positive, ALL THE TIME now. The laws of the universe command.

While I’m at it I might add… One more important piece of information. GOALS. I have to.

Goal setting. We have all done it before, may have some or if your like me, have them hanging on random bits of paper, in your mind and listed in different books or journals that exist somewhere in the chaos.
Great! Good on you πŸ™‚ Totally, usless without 1 important aspect! Looking at them every day and visualising…

Story time again and you may have heard of this one:

3 groups of basketball players. Group 1 were told to practice every day shooting hoops. Group 2 were told to go home and do nothing everyday. Group 3 were told to visualise for 2 hours a day, shooting perfect hoops.

It may not surprise you that Group “no fun” had no improvement on their hoop skills. Group 1 had some improvement and Group 3 had the most improvement. SO obviously if you practice AND visualise you will be better than avocado and tomato on crackers…

Anyway, I was so excited I had to share all this before publishing my blog I wrote yesterday, about I can’t remember now (so yesterday…).

However the moral of the story is… Don’t be mean, (wrong), BE NICE, the universe speaks in positive ONLY!! and even if you don’t have a hoop, you can still pretend to be really good at basketball!!

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